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Bule (763)
Find all the lost artifacts. The closer to the bottom of the ocean you collect them, the more valuable they are. Use the Arrow Keys or A, S, D, F to move around. Left Click to teleport (only works if the Teleporter is fully charged).
Gladiator (763)
In this gladiator fighting game, your aims is to destroy all challenger as a slave fighter in the Colosseum and rise to be the next Gladiatoc Champion
Get Home Get Lucky (760)
Avoid the extra booze and instead pickup the food as it comes towards you.
Bee War (759)
Paul The Penguin: Ice Creame Blowout (759)
Don't let the penguin shoot you with Ice-cream
Lawn Pac (758)
You are in charge when grandmum is not around. You have to use the limited fuel that you have in the lawnmower wisely to cut all the grass on the yard before she is back.
Frosty Freakout (757)
Making multi-flavour multi-layer ice-creams
Dedal (756)
Race the computer AI to get out of the maze
Infect Evolve Repeat (754)
Control and evolve the virus to infect more red blood cell
Fruity Basket (754)
Catch the falling fruits and avoid the worms!
Twiddlest (753)
Nava (753)
Choose a Girl (753)
Choose your favorite girls and watch her strips as you collect points by catching falling beer
Booby Blast (752)
Adult game where you get the chance to play with boobs!!
Stakeboard (751)
Skate to the finishing point without making too many mistake
Kung Fu (750)
Willy's Wild, Wild West (747)
Quick Draw! Shoot the bandit before it did - very cute cartoon illustration
Blow Up (746)
Bobble Bubble clone with various ball theme
Letters Game (746)
Use your typing skill to protect the city!
Magic Gem (745)

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Top 50 Games

100 Quickshot Fun (15232)
100 targets will appear on screen. Can you shoot them all down? Play with mouse or wiimote. Features leaderboard.
Flash Roulette (12642)
Amazing Online Roulette Game in Flash
10 Gnomes 12 (12028)
You have 10 minutes to find 10 gnomes hidden in the pictures. Find clickable areas to navigate through the location.
Straight Poker (12012)
Poker Machine (11919)
Poker slot machine
Video Poker (11544)
Video poker game in Flash
Fruit Machine (11440)
Pull the lever on this slot machine and win some big money
Spongebob Slots (11342)
Spongebob Slots is a bright and colorful 3 reel casino style slot machine game featuring a Spongebob Squarepants theme colors and characters.
Dartmaster9in1 (11214)
Cool DARTS game for 1 or 2 players, 9 different games, 3 difficulties and 27 leaderboards!
Bratz's Fashion Christmas (11156)
Christmas is coming and bratz wants to get a happy and fashion holiday like you too.Please help her choosing a cool fashionable dress up.
13 IS A WINNER! (10338)
Clear the field! Combine cards untill you reach 13!
10 Paheliyan (10171)
Game based on Indian Elections 2009
Fruite Slots (10122)
Fruite Slots is a fun and addicting fruit themed slot machine game with 3 modes of play. This game features high scores in all game modes! Game modes include Time Trial Mode where you must win as much money as you can in 60 seconds starting with 3 credits. 3 Spins Mode where you only have 3 spins to win as much money as you can and Freeplay Mode where you can play as long as you like starting with 3 credits.
Froggy (9863)
Why did the frog cross the road? Prevent froggy from becoming another sad case in the world of spiralling road kill statistics. Guide him from one side of the highway to the other, then over the river. Avoid the hungry alligators, and use the turtles and logs as stepping stones! Get him and his friends all to the other side to become a frog saving hero! But more importantly to earn points!
15 Puzzle (9509)
Classic 15-puzzle sliding tiles game
1 Starship (9294)
Very Cool top down shooter. use the mouse to more your ship around and the button to fire.
100 Snowballs (8987)
Winter Fun for Kids - 100 Snowballs!!! What can you make? Children love to play in the snow! 100 Snowballs gives children the opportunity to simply have fun by clicking and dragging snowballs around a wintry scene. They can create anything they imagine - as long as it only uses 100 snowballs! Similar to legos. Great fun in the computer lab!
Mahjong Beauty (8921)
Traditional mahjong game, play with mouse click. You play with 3 girls, and win the round by creating a standard mahjong hand which consists of a certain number of melds, namely four for 13-tile variations and five for 16-tile variations, and a pair. Win the game and save your score. You can learn how to play Mahjong games at Win Mahjong.
10 Gnomes 11 (8760)
find 10 gnomes within 10 minutes
The Simpliest Snowboarding (8700)
The simpliest but cool snowboarding flash-game
Sonic Boom Town (8595)
Drive around the city in your car and blast your music to destroy buildings.
Burger Time (8581)
Pick up the ingredients to make your burger.
Über Battle (8531)
Power up attack, swing your massive sword,use magic, potions and buy stronger weaponry.
101 Dalmatians (8487)
Classic jigsaw fun with 101 Dalmatians in 49 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
101 Dalmatians Jigsaw 2 (8484)
Classic jigsaw puzzle fun with 101 Dalmatians - 49 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
10++ (8434)
Addictive brain teaser with neat and stylish graphics.
101 Dalmatians Jigsaw 3 (8415)
High quality jigsaw puzzle with 101 Dalmatians in 49 pieces. Drag and drop the pieces to fit them together.
Spy Hunter (8356)
Rave down the highway in your equipped car blasting through enemies and avoiding danger.
Drag Racer v2 (8312)
Shift into gear and floor the pedal as you dragrace against the computer tune up your car modify eng
1-i (8296)
Catch the green blobs
Snow Storm (8233)
There has just been a snow storm! Your job is to clear the snow from the parking lots using your sno
Hulk Smashup (8221)
Destroy everything in sight. Climb up buildings and topple them with your might.
10 Trolls (8120)
Find all 10 of the cute little creatures that have gotten lost!
0 Gelert TV v1.0 (8112)
archery from the film GELERT
Ace Racer (8054)
Ride on your skidoo water boat over the waves, jump over dolphins and pull tricks by flying off ramp
1493 Battle over Pacific (8045)
WW2 Vertical shooter - Fly with your P38 Lighting and beat the enemies
TGFG Racing (8033)
Race around the track smashing into your opponents to knock them off and picking up turbo so you can
ClickDragType (7996)
The only instructions for this game is to click, drag, and type your way to the next puzzle.
Cone Crazy (7941)
Knock over as many cones as you can in the given time limit. Red cones are worth 10 points and the y
10 Gnomes 5 (7913)
find 10 Gnomes in 10 minutes.
1945 Tower Defense (7858)
1945 Tower defense is based from th peral habour attack with many attacks from planes. defend you land with turret from the japanese planes
10 Gnomes 8 (7855)
find 10 gnomes within 10 minutes. Part 8.
10 Gnomes 9 (7750)
find 10 gnomes within 10 minutes. Part 9.
10 Gnomes 10 (7714)
find 10 gnomes within 10 minutes. Part 10.
10 Gnomes 3 (7712)
find 10gnomes in 10 minutes
10 gnomes 6 (7702)
find 10 gnomes within 10 minutes
110m Hurdles (7690)
Race in this 110M Hurdles track and field event
Overflew The Nagelan (7605)
Riding a flying beast, you can break the record?
Bumper Cars Championship (7562)
Bump the opponents and knock them out in this interesting competition, and try to survive till the end.
1 MP3 Music Girl - colouring (7555)
Play coloring pages game: Animation for coloring game for kids - colouring. Kids educational games.

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